1. looking up from the base
  2. Suntrust Plaza, Bank of America (Pencil) Building, and 1 Atlantic Center
  3. hey Atlanta!
  4. where I-75 and I-85 merge together
  5. you can see the georgia Dome
  6. that parking lot to the right-ish is our site! and then to the left is a parking lot shaded with solar panels!!!!!! exciting!?!?!??!??1
  7. 191 Peachtree Tower aka my favorite building aka the building where one of my favorite architects’ firm is aka it’s so prettyyyyy
  8. it was nice out today
  9. the business district, all the buildings essentially look the same, and also the Mariott Marquis tucked in there too!
  10. the top of the GA Aquarium
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